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Thread: Bike of the decade

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    Bike of the decade

    I would have liked to set up a pole on this one, but I thought it would be arrogant for me or anyone to make short list for the pole to be voted on.
    Anyways, 2000 to 2009, 10 yrs...

    Sportbike of the decade, the Ducati Desmosedici. The first bike based directly off a GP bike. When I was at the factory last Sept, and walked around a corner to see over 200 of these things sitting there, and saw and heard a Ducati employee riding one to work through city traffic in the morning in downtown Bologna, making EVERY pedestrian STOP and LOOK, and smile!!!! I knew that this was one very special machine.

    Bike of the decade, the BMW GS. This thing, with the help of Ewan & Charlie, has become the best selling bike in Europe 5 yrs running, and launched a 100,000 pretend world travellers.


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    Sportbike of the decade: Honda CBR1000RR they're nothing special and just what "the doctor" ordered.

    Bike of the decade: BMW F800GS the 1200 is very solid and reputable but a bit heavy for off-road.
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    none :(
    GSX-R 1000; from it's introduction in 2002 to this day it has consistantly been the most dominant machine in a variety of racing series (WEC and AMA) in addition to being very successful on the showroom floor.

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    GSXR1000,IMO it seems to be the bike everyone shoots for when they update their 1000cc sportbike.
    I wonder if Harley 88 inch bikes of all models shoud not be bike of the decade, I don't like them but they sure put a lot of new people on 2 wheels with them, even if they were a fad.

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    I think the desmo ducks for bringing back the twin. Have I got the dates wrong? The RC, SV, and TL: only here due to the duck, no?

    Though everyone rides the gixxer. Me included (600).

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    But definitely the Desmosedici is the bike of the Decade, closely followed by the 1098R.
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    I disagree with the Desmo being bike of the decade. When you have Jap bikes that can match or better its performance for a fraction of the price, with cheap and easy parts and service, and a strong dealer network, how can anyone say the Duc is the best? *scratches head*

    On that note, my vote goes for the GSXR1000, with a close second to the CBR1000. Also the BMW GS has gotta be up there, but seeing that this is a sport bike site......

    Oh, fuck it, I vote for the Spiderman theme bike built by those retards in New York.

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    GSXR 1000.

    Since it was introduced, it has served as the measuring stick that competitors' bikes are compared to.

    "Yeah, it looks great, but will it beat a GSXR 1000?"

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but also the first "affordable" bike to feature a titanium header / midpipe.


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    Its distinctive lines and raw power separate it from the rest. Love it or hate it, it is the most talk about bike in the last 10 years. Even Harley crowds can name it 50 feet away, instead of another "crotch rocket".

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    GSXR 1000

    for dominance, but RSV Mille for pure sexyness

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    Quote Originally Posted by dasein View Post
    I think the desmo ducks for bringing back the twin. Have I got the dates wrong? The RC, SV, and TL: only here due to the duck, no?

    Though everyone rides the gixxer. Me included (600).
    Racing rules in the 90's brought the complement of 1000 v-twins and changes in the 00's killed them just as fast. Ducati was the driving force in the v-twin movement with the 916 and later models and on racing against 750's of Suzuki/Kawi/Honda/Yamaha. When racing organizations opened up to 4 cylinder 1k motorcycles, most 750cc 4 cylinder and 1000cc v-twin programs were abandoned. The only one that really stuck with it start to finish was Ducati.

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    The GSXR1000 is the 5.0L Mustang of motorcycling.

    Although I do agree that liter bikes in general defines the last decade.
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    I think the Desmo is the bike of the decade. Contrary to what some will say, there isn't a production 1000 that will out perform it. Problem with most tests done is that your dealing with a $10,000 dime a dozen bike and an $85,000 limited production bike and the tester floggin the bikes knows this. For sheer wad blowing value though, the Desmo drips sexuality and carbon fibre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pvt. BLOGGINS View Post
    ......RSV Mille for pure sexyness

    +1 on that Sir !

    The NERA for me.

    F**k STARBUCKS !!!! ..... I'm posing in front of Tim Hortons.

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    To my mind the bike of the decade must fit the following criteria.
    Be a production machine (not limited quantity)
    Must be affordable by Joe Public.
    Must be reliable.
    Must have raised the bar in terms of performance and specification.
    Should be inherently safe.

    BMW1000R (Subject to reliability, and goes to #1 position if it is)
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