Warning for Pee Wee: Inappropriate content posted
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Thread: Warning for Pee Wee: Inappropriate content posted

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    Warning for Pee Wee: Inappropriate content posted

    Post: Couples that Ride
    User: Pee Wee
    Infraction: Inappropriate content posted
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    Administrative Note:
    Nudity is not allowed on BCSB

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    Please refrain from posting pictures which depicts nudity as it is prohibited on BCSB.

    This is not an infraction, it is a warning, meaning no penalties.

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    Original Post:
    Quote Originally Posted by adam112 View Post
    Will the night end with all keys in a fish bowl? If so, count me in.
    Yeah I was reading the title of the thread and "Swingers" popped into my head. Then I see Janet posted from Port....now I KNOW that's where this is going.

    Maybe in 2010 we can organise a Cruise ship for all BCSB members??

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    especially not GOOD nudity. Come on man.
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