Ask an officer guidelines - please read before posting
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Thread: Ask an officer guidelines - please read before posting

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    Ask an officer guidelines - please read before posting

    General guidelines for this forum are here.

    This forum will be heavily moderated, so be warned and think twice before posting. We have a number of law enforcement that are regular members and riders just like you. They are volunteering their time to help answer your questions and help contribute to the community. With this in mind we've asked that they be respectful of our members and I fully expect that the members will do the same.

    0 tolerance for tomfoolery in this forum. Search before posting.

    It should go without saying that I have no control on the officers responses or how accurate they are. It assumed that they will answer to the best of their ability or state that they are unaware and incapable of answering your question properly.

    Officers can be identified by the LEO tag below their user name.
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    When starting a thread, please ensure that the subject line is descriptive.
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    Further to the notes above, please insure that topics are rider related, keep things relevant.

    This is not a forum to ask just any questions that come to mind, it's a place to get clarity on related issues that are less common, or have perhaps been considered grey areas to some.
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