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    03 R6

    Just sat on the R6 at the local dealio, and I cant stop grinnin. First that bike is slick. The black out frame is da $#@! I think I like the silver/black the best and I was suprised by the riding position...thought it would be a lot more agressive but I found it pretty comfortable...but I only sat on it for about 1 minute till the dealer had to tear me off the bike Overall, nice bike, good quality, and slick a$$ styling. I never got to go to the vancouver motorcycle show and was wondering what everyone else thought about it...better then the Kawi and Suzy but I havent seen the Honda yet.....mmmm, after I sell my SV this may be the bike....but I just bought this bike, DOH.

    Anyways, just had to vent, im still grining

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    The silver and black '03m R6 is the sexiest bike ever. It makes me rethink my '02 blue and white R6. Oh well, someone will always make something cooler.

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    the 03 R6 and CBR600RR have similar riding positions. What I found that makes it pretty comfortable was that the distance between the seat and the clipons was not as far as the kawi 6R or gixxer. it's less of a reach, so less stress on your arms.

    mycall: i think your R6 looks better than the new one! hang onto it!
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    You Betcha!
    The new R6 is FI, lighter, more agile and dead sexy. And I can't wait until 2004 so I can pick up a slightly used one (with the depreciation baked right in!).
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