Official invite to PMS Express 5.1
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Thread: Official invite to PMS Express 5.1

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    Official invite to PMS Express 5.1

    Sorry guys after 5 years thought everbody knew.

    So PMS Express 5.1 is officially a go. Had enough inquiries that Travis said he'd like to take over where George and Di left off.

    We will have 2 charter buses leaving Schultz Motorsports at 630am SHARP January 24, 2010 to attend the 2010 Vancouver Motorcycle Show. ( return to Kamloops by 630pm)

    Unfortunatly, everthing has increased in price this year, and tickets are $70 inclusive, This will include busfare, show tickets, VIP entrance, Souvenier t and door prize stuff as per normal.

    Same rules apply, if both buses aren't filled before the 16th, We don't go!

    This is a non profit event for Travis and ticket price only pays for what we use.
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    I have officially requested a new drivers license #.

    When it arrives, it should be 10, J, Q, K, A.
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    argh... i'm finally in town this year and the one day every 2 weeks i volunteer up at the ski is is the 24th :S guess i get to miss out again... have a blast you guys

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