What you get for dialing the wrong #.
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Thread: What you get for dialing the wrong #.

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    What you get for dialing the wrong #.

    What you get for dialing the wrong #.


    I get so many calls for Children's hospital, about 5 per week.
    Too bad it isn't some other place because I could have fun too.
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    Looks like this guy had some fun!

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    Would you like the Shipping dept?
    Hello...customer service.

    Let me put you to Billing.

    Would you like to talk to the supervisor?

    Hahahaha....we used to get calls from people pissed drunk ordering pizza's. There number was 7444 ours was 7448.

    Used to take their order, tell em the delivery guy was gone, he'd have to come get the pizza. Keep in mind this was Fernie BC in the winter, -15 or something.....circa 1987

    1am we rip to town, 7/11 was the only thing open other than bars.....Pizza joint was across the street, closed at 11pm. This dude walks up and pounds on the glass doors, is looking in the windows....it's black (no lights). He's so drunk he can barely walk. Small town and the RCMP pulls into 7/11 for some coffee.....my buddy Ben runs over and tells the cop some guy is trying to break into Libby's pizza..just seen him try and smash a window. Cops zips over and get's the guy beating on the back door, public drunkeness.....tosses him in the car and comes back to 7/11 (cop shop is 1 block up the road). Cop goes back in to get his coffee....My brother askes the guy if he got his double pepperoni pizza? (front window is open about 4"). Guy looks at us like how the fuck did we know he ordered that........

    Love those wrong numbers.

    Tom Mabe has some good one, sure you've all heard some of his shit.


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