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    Question Legalizing Streetbike

    Hi everyone,

    I've recently found a stuntbike for a good price. The problem is, i'm thinking of making it street legal, but, it has no papers. Would it be possible to switch some parts (engine or frame) to make it street legal? Is there some sort of inspection that can be made that asserts it as being street legal.

    Any advice is very much appreciated.


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    Legalizing a bike with no papers and, perhaps a questionable past can get very dicy. Try putting this one in Tech and Mods.
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    Pretty big pile of work. First you need to see if it was previously registered and if it had been stolen etc. Check with ICBC to clear the VIN. If it had been previously registered then you should contact the previous RO, as the last one on record IS the RO until it is changed. They will need to sign it over to you.

    As far as mechanical goes, if the bike was originally a streetable bike and had been modded, then you need to bring it back to BC specs to get it legal. Could be a lot of money if you have to replace lights, reflectors, fenders, exhausts etc. It will not have to pass an inspection first, but it will need to be up to specs to go on the road. Suggest running it thru a VI just to see what is needed.

    If it was NOT designed as on road by the manufacturer, then there is no legal way it can be licenced to be street ridden. No Baja kit type conversions. ICBC had a recent bulletin on these conversions.

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