Race License and entrence fee
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Thread: Race License and entrence fee

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    Race License and entrence fee

    Howdy All,

    Having trouble going in to the Westwood forum so I figured I would post my question here. More than enough westwood folks around.

    I'm trying to budget for next years racing. I took the racer course at the end of last season but wasn't able to get a track bike till after the season ended. This season I want to squirle away a few nuts for summer time to cover the cost of a few novice races.

    I can figure out a budget for variable expenses but I don't know the cost of the license or entrance/track fee. I don't think I will race every race in the season but I at least want to get out a few times.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I can't remember exactly but I think that the racing license (which is a once a year cost) is about $150.00. The raceday novice fees were about ~$100.00 a day. that should cover the one class, the entrance fee and the medical fee.
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    with a race license you also get a discount on track days.. it all helps

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    jaybo is pretty much on the mark.$150 for membership fee,$115 for novice.
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