Well.. .this is a frakkin' piss off...
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Thread: Well.. .this is a frakkin' piss off...

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    Well.. .this is a frakkin' piss off...

    Drove like a nut all the way from Bellingham in order to make it back in time to put insurance on the bike and go for a ride.

    While putting the battery in, the terminal screw fell down into the plastics somewhere. Had to fish it out.
    Went to start and the effing thing would not start... same symptoms as before. Went to get new plugs and a tool. Took my chances with a regular socket... turns out it doesn't fit and now i have to track down a thin wall one.

    I just cant get a frigging break today...

    if anyone has a thin walled socket in Kingsway/Edmonts area they dont want anymore so I dont have to hunt for one all over the city tomorrow, please let me know. I'll trade it either for $ or beer.
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    Man, I feel your pain...
    I didn't wake up till 10 to see it was a beautiful day, and by the time I got my ass in gear it was too late in the day to get temp insurance, go to shop for out-of-province inspection, back to broker...

    Had to content myself with watching the high-rollers zip around downtown in their Ferraris and Lambos.
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    ahaha. suckkerrr. i know what it feels like.. after work i went out for a decent hour spin. maybe tomorrow if its nice (fingers crossed) you can get out if you got the tools.

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