LEO Advice - Need Confirmation
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Thread: LEO Advice - Need Confirmation

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    LEO Advice - Need Confirmation

    Not so much a question but a conversation with some good natured LEOs

    I have to set the stage: Some gas station in IL, might have been IN, I don't know, but my buddy and I are a day or so from home at the end of a 2+ week ride to CO and UT, which originated from OH. We and the bikes are dusty, dirty...unshaven for a couple of days...generally pretty rough looking.

    We pull into the gas station to refuel, me at the first pump, my buddy at the pump directly behind me. Next to the building is a County Sherrif car with two LEOs, who are staring us down as we pump gas. WTF?

    I'm on a red ST1100, my bud is on a blue Concours. I'm getting creeped out by LEO eyeballing me, trying to figure out what I could have possibly done to attract LEO attention. The car slowly pulls away from the building, and stops beside us....oh shit...this isn't gonna be good. Driver LEO gets out and walks to my buddy, passenger LEO rolls down his window and the conversation goes like this:

    LEO: Where you from?
    Me: Ohio
    LEO: Where you headed?
    Me: Home, we've been out west for a while
    LEO: Oh really, where did you go?
    (insert conversation about CO, UT, shitty ass rain/wind ride across KS)
    LEO: Is this guy with you? He a friend of yours? (Thumbing toward my Concourse bud who is have a quality, one on one conversation with LEO 1)

    Now at this point, I'm a bit tweaked...my bud John is having a one on one with LEO1 that I can't hear and I know damn well we've done anything wrong unless there some wierd county ordinace about pumping gas left handed...

    Me: Yep, we're riding together
    LEO: You know why I stopped and had to talk to you don't you?
    Me: No sir, I don't
    LEO: Because friends don't let friends ride Kawasaki's

    Is it true?

    ah winter humor

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    Great story!
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    Hahaha. Didn't see that one coming .
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