Waaal "shiver me timbers" ...
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Thread: Waaal "shiver me timbers" ...

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    Waaal "shiver me timbers" ...

    what'll they come up with next - "male testosterone delirium" maybe?

    Broadcaster tells court of menopausal exhaustion

    A former Toronto TV broadcaster on trial in St. John's, N.L., testified Tuesday that she was in a state of menopausal exhaustion when she became ensnared in a mid-flight incident that "decimated" her career and ruined her health.

    Colleen Walsh has pleaded not guilty to charges of assault, obstructing the operation of an aircraft and causing a disturbance.

    She was removed from a transatlantic flight last March 31 after it was diverted to St. John's for a medical emergency involving another passenger.

    Police said they were called to respond after a woman began yelling and swearing.

    Wash, 49, testified in provincial court Tuesday that she had been up for 30 hours when the incident happened, was on hormone replacement therapy and in a state of panic.

    She said she feels she has been tried and convicted in the news media essentially for offering first aid to an ill passenger.

    She said Air Canada staff, airport security and police treated her in a "disgusting" manner, adding that a police officer's testimony that she said she hoped the plane "would blow up" is untrue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-rod View Post
    what'll they come up with next - "male testosterone delirium" maybe?
    The affliction you mention is properly called "Old Man PMS".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thundercat View Post
    Crazy bitch syndrome, i've seen it before, and there is no known cure.
    ahhh Crazy Bitch Syndrome (CBS)

    its one of those dormant virus inside all woman, they usually act up once a month, temporary symptum relief are - chocolate , flowers, ice cream, or back hand. However the later could lead to serious side effects...
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