Post: replacing tires on ninja 250 and some gear Q's
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As for tires: When they're down to the wear bars is not a bad start. Although if you ride in wet conditions, it's probably good practice to replace before they hit the wear bars
dont be silly. when the tread is down to the wear bar(front is still good,rear is at tread bar) thats where it starts to get fun!

ive been riding on my tread bars for a while! just take your time and get to know the tires and the bike at this point. rockin the wear bars is dangerous to noobie rider. but when you start to not see the wear bar is when it becomes sketchy... right now when its dry its ok..

when its raining and there is plenty of rain on the ground. pay attention to the front tire mostly. thats where your control is coming from. rear tire is power.

my rear tire is dead for the front is hella good still for the rain..
if you feel the front tire start to speed wobble on you on light accerlation or small corners. thats the time to change for new tires.

a lot of tire factors come in effect! pay attention to the wear every 2-3 days! tire pressure too!