BMW S1000RR a hoax.
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Thread: BMW S1000RR a hoax.

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    BMW S1000RR a hoax.

    The entire thing is a complete show of smoke and mirrors. The bike doesn't exist and all the major media players are onboard with lying to all of us!

    At least I think it's made up ........ I was just over at and fish antlers didn't post about being at the Portimao unveiling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sikorsky View Post

    I was just over at
    You have lost all credibility with this statement. At this point, no one will believe anything you say.
    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

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    What is Bike land that where they sell GoPro cameras ................
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    Quote Originally Posted by jafkaf81 View Post
    What is Bike land that where they sell GoPro cameras ................
    It is where they sell Schwinn, Banana Bikes, Rat Traps, Sissy Bars and Streamers.

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    Well done Sikiorsky, I just spit tea all over my keyboard.
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