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    Cool Car and music gear

    The car is a 93 buick century, around 222k kilometers and counting, since i use it for work (pizza delivery guy). it's grey. power locks, no power windows. 3.3L v6, it pulls good 1500 obo

    CB drum kit, 5 piece, i think. Bass drum, floor tom, two other toms attached to the bass drum, snare, high hat, two cymbals, but only one cymbal stand.
    350 obo

    Cort 6 string electric guitar. Shiny red, good condition. hasn't been played in a while, because i mostly play bass now. 100 obo.

    Behringer 450 watt bass amp. model "ultrabass bx4210a". comes with a channel pedal. 400 obo.

    what else can i say?
    75 obo.
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