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    Where to look

    Other than buysell.com, classifieds here on bcsportbikes.com, the buysell paper, and dealerships where else can I look for an used bike.

    Oh yeah, I'm new to the sport and board. Looking to buy an used bike (92-94) in the coming month. Still need to get my learner's, riding lessons, and gear too.

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    One of the AutoTrader type papers has a bike specific section. Aside from that, I think you've pretty well covered it.

    Good hunting!

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    Take your time, research all the above, and that way when it comes time to buy, you will have a better idea of what a fair price is.
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    DO IT!

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    FIRST, pick a few bikes that you like, then do a research on it like price, engine size cc, pros and cons about this bike. SECOND, do a research on insurance too, because there is a huge difference between a 400cc and down and 401cc and up. I've been riding for almost 20 yrs, I started with 150cc, 500 intercepter, 600 ninja (89 brand new), 89 CBR 600, and back to a 2000 Ninja 250 because insurance is much cheaper.
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    Welcome to the boards, Lucky!!!

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    Welcome to the board
    Pick a bike you like and get on a mailing list that deals with that type of bike...list members are usually very helpfull as to what to watch for....besides, you will make friends from all over the world....
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    My advice...listen to actionmechanic's advice.

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