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    Free Olympic stuff

    Here's a link to the free and low cost Olympic venues, someone was asking earlier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverD View Post
    Here's a link to the free and low cost Olympic venues, someone was asking earlier.
    Haha...not much there other than the glorified souvenier shops. I like how they pad the list with things like:
    Vancouver City Hall
    Skytrain (Canada Line to YVR)
    New Westminster
    Park Royal

    What we were interested in were the free Olympic events...Snowboarding?...Luge....Skating....etc... .where are those free events occuring? With all the taxpayer money being spent on these 2 weeks you would figure that there would be multiple free days (preliminaries...practices etc?) for the local public to attend for free...

    From what I've seen/heard....Vanoc is even charging for the opening ceremonies practice....$50 a ticket for a dry run? Chachinggggg!

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    Vectoral Elevation at English Bay is free, and started tonight.


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    Wow a bunch of search lights, there's a good way to spend my tax dollars. The website is a joke.

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