Hey guys,

We just got the final version of the 2010 CSC calendars back from the printers today and they are ready to be shipped out! Big thanks to Stunt Ride for helping sponsor the calendar and the actual CSC event on June 5th!

The CSC (Canadian Stuntriding Championship) calendar features 13 of the 30+ confirmed riders who are competing at CSC June 5th in Abbotsford BC. Cover and 12 month features riders are as follows;
Matt Kliewer, Justin Crowell, Shaun Ogilvie, Shawn Westgate, Scott Chychul, James Hall, Ryan Hawco, Kane Friesen, Aaron Mervyn, Uki Certic, Superdave Marinaccio, Bryan Lenzin and Jason Haigh.

A bunch of guys from this site gave me their b-day info and pics so if you did you are in the calendar! In total I got 48 riders with a picture of them placed on their actual b-day!

Everything in this calendar was hand (well computer...) made this isn't an excel template type thing here, lol. We also have detailed rider bio's for 12 riders featured in the calendar.

Samples of the calendar.

To purchase please pay pal $20 to thorkaze@hotmail.com and your orders will be shipped out the next day. If you are interested in tickets we have a ticket/calendar package for $30.

For more information on CSC follow these links.



A very special thank you to D.S.O.G, Stunt Ride Magazine and our local sponsors for helping make CSC what it is.
To the riders. So far we have 31 confirmed competitors riding at CSC from Canada and the United States. Thank you to all of you who have shown all the support and enthusiasm! We look forward to making Canadian history with the first ever Canadian Stuntriding Championships!