Anybody knows this jackass?
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Thread: Anybody knows this jackass?

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    Angry Anybody knows this jackass?

    Was in msn vancouver chat today and this guy who's name is supposedly steve that supposedly rides a TL1000 started buggin me asking if i am male or female then he started talking out of his ass about my bike etc when he found out i am male. here's most of our " conversation "
    IB6_UB9_9141 : nice name
    IB6_UB9_9141 : u cant ride shit
    greeneyed_rider : how do you know
    IB6_UB9_9141 : what do u ride
    IB6_UB9_9141 : bike?
    IB6_UB9_9141 : lol
    IB6_UB9_9141 : ha ha ha
    IB6_UB9_9141 : i dont think u can do shit
    greeneyed_rider : yeah i ride a bike
    IB6_UB9_9141 : what kind
    greeneyed_rider : honda cb400
    IB6_UB9_9141 : i got a TL 1000 bitch and i can out ride ur ass any day
    IB6_UB9_9141 : lol
    IB6_UB9_9141 : ha ha ah
    IB6_UB9_9141 : cb400
    IB6_UB9_9141 : lol
    IB6_UB9_9141 : thats for a bitch
    IB6_UB9_9141 : see u around mother fucker
    greeneyed_rider : you know what, ignorant assholes like you give all bikers a bad name
    IB6_UB9_9141 : u aint a biker
    Anybody knows this guy? retards like that give all motorcyclists a bad name.

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    People should be interviewed before they're allowed access to the internet.

    Don't sweat it dude. It's just some punk ass loser.
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    dude "on the internet nobody knows you're a dog"...
    why are you getting worked up about an idiot like that? just hit "ignore" and forget about him.

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    I wish.
    That's ok, geebutbut, fish and I got schooled in the ways of 'real bikes' in CS the other day... he was talkin' about his 1100 Shadow and how it's a real bike and shit.

    All is good.
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    most likely a 13 year old boy.
    ..WTF you doing flirting with 13 year old boys on the internet!?
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    Originally posted by DNAspark99
    most likely a 13 year old boy.
    ..WTF you doing flirting with 13 year old boys on the internet!?
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