Saw a ZX 636R on Saturday
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Thread: Saw a ZX 636R on Saturday

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    Saw a ZX 636R on Saturday

    I've only seen the 636 in bike mags. Talked to some dude in White Rock on saturday who had a red one. I thought the 636 was only for Europe? This bike sounded different from any other 600 I've ever heard before. It looks better in person too. Now I really can't wait till the new ZX10 R comes out, if the 636 has just a hair under 130hp can you imagine what the new 10 is going to be like . Anyone else planning on buying the new 10?

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    123, not to shabby...same as the new R6...I am a die hard Yamaha fan but I really liked the way the new Kawi fit...the 636 was Europe only until this year

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    Ah, thanks. I didn't realize they were coming here. Not that I would buy a 600. I prefer the big liter bikes now, Yamaha is my favorite to man. I feel Kowi kinda stole Yami's look in a big way with that new 6. Maybe its just me...... and can you really blame them?. Yamaha's rule !!!!!!

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    I rode the new 636R last weekend at my cousins shop......It's unbelievable , amazing power!

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