Has anyone heard of RoadLoK
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Thread: Has anyone heard of RoadLoK

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    Lightbulb Has anyone heard of RoadLoK



    Now part of KTM's accessory catalog.
    Looks like a better idea then the wheel locks that some of us use.
    Uses a Abloy lock cylinder, (IE very very hard to pick)

    Yes the theifs can still pick the bike up and carry it off. But its one more thing to help stop them.

    Your thoughts
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    Ya, that website almost sent me into a state of vertigo.

    From a quick google, looks like the Busa model is about $325US...damn!

    I'm not a big supporter of these wheel lock devices....if someone wants the bike that bad, they get 2 guys lift it up, throw it into van, and off they go. At least a proximity sensing alarm with a pager could *potentially* scare people off, and alert you.
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