2001 ZX-6R - wrecked
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Thread: 2001 ZX-6R - wrecked

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    2001 ZX-6R - wrecked

    Good bike for a streetfighter conversion or track bike rebuild. I highsided it in the rhubarb last season. I thought I'd try turning it into a track bike but I just don't have the time or the cash right now to bother.

    - Subframe is fubar.
    - All left side plastic is toast.
    - Front plastic and fairing stay is toast
    - Left clip-on busted off

    The good:
    - No ICBC claim. This bike still has clean title. If you were to rebuild it into a streetfighter you could sell without having a salvage title anchoring it.
    - Tires are near new and still in perfect condition.
    - The right side of the bike was untouched. Exhaust (stock) is completely damage free, and there is just a small bit of rash at the leading edge of the plastic.
    - Motor is fine and runs well. About 68k km, though, so not low mileage.
    - I don't believe the forks are damaged, but I haven't checked.

    PM me for more info and pics.

    I'm listening to offers.

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