Post: VI's: whats it take to get one?
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"A Box 2 means you have a maximum of 30 days to fix whatever the officer has deemed needing fixing. If that time has passed and the inspection has not been done, once your plate gets run again your vehicle will be towed to an registered inspection facility and you will be issued a $598 non-compliance ticket at the very least."

hmmmm last summer i got a "burned out tail light"... the fucker waited for my and my buddy to leave timmies ( he must have waited in the car for a good 45 minutes...the only timmies in Castlegar, ahaha at 2 or 3 AM...)
Gave me that BS 30 day thing... next day i went and canceled my insurance as i passed my MST was legal to ride to work.
Would i still get into a giant doodoo if that vehicle ever gets pulled over again with different plates?