ice packing helmet (freeze upon impact)
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Thread: ice packing helmet (freeze upon impact)

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    Lightbulb ice packing helmet (freeze upon impact)

    I already posted this link in another thread, but it wasn't entirely related so I thought I would start a thread about it.

    Here is an awesome new idea for helmet's that I would personally love to see enter the consumer market in full force! It freezes upon impact!;title

    assuming it doesn't add too much weight, it seems like it would be a very do-able and functional feature.

    what do you guys think?

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    Looks gimmicky to me. Good sales pitch though.

    The trend in helmet safety and testing, has been to have some slightly lighter helmets for smaller heads.

    Adding fluid and such to an existing helmet could potentially make things worse.

    They seem to talk about the benefits this technology adds, but don't really speak to the overall safety of the helmet itself, based on an accident where brain swelling is not an issue.

    Interesting find, but I'm a skeptic, so far from sold on a webpage and video illustration.
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    Years ago they had fluid filled helmets that would go solid when exposed to body temp. The could never pass testing though since the material was liquid with no head in the shell.

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    I think one of the last things I would worry about when subjected to potential head trauma is heat. The worse damage that would come from such trauma is from...trauma. Freezing the head after the fact won't do much to lessen that injury. Granted application of cold could potentially control swelling, but I am doubtful that anything that will fit in a properly designed helmet will actually have much ability to absorb too much heat without adding too much weight.

    Besides, someone's autonomic temperature regulation system typical does not rage out of control with head trauma, not to mention temperature over 42 C are only achieved through external heat input, e.g. heat stroke.

    Give me a super insulating helmet with well designed shock and impact absorption any day.

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