DataDotDNA theft protection.
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Thread: DataDotDNA theft protection.

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    DataDotDNA theft protection.

    Came across this old (July '07) Gizmag article, did a search here but couldn't find anything. Could this be the solution?
    Bike thieves know it only takes two men to lift a parked bike into a van and nick-off with it. But a bike that can always be traced back to its original owner is difficult for thieves to make a dollar from. Since February '07, every new Yamaha motorcycle, scooter and ATV sold in Australia has been sprayed with DataDotDNA theft protection – microscopic dots that carry identifying information linking every part on the bike back to its original frame number and making stolen bikes extremely difficult to on-sell or part out.
    The owner, police or insurance companies can cross reference the PIN number on the microdot of any stolen unit with the VIN number of that unit. Warning decals alerting potential thieves that the unit is “Protected by DataDotDNA” complete the protection picture.
    Each Yamaha dealer has been supplied with free DataDotDNA kits featuring aerosol pressure packs enabling microdots to be easily sprayed onto any unit. Each pack of microdots has a unique PIN number that is placed onto the customer warranty booklet and also entered onto an online warranty registration form. The PIN number is then registered onto the DataDotDNA National Security Register. This register is accessible by police authorities and insurance companies. Each set of dots is valued at AUS$199.95.

    DataDotDNA are making similar arrangements with motor companies worldwide, its major clients including Audi, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mini, Ford, Nissan, Porsche, Volkswagen and BMW. The Australian company is becoming a de facto world standard in vehicle identification.
    Has anybody heard about this since 2007?
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    Ya. There was an article in the Edmonton Journal about a year or so ago, discussing the EPS (Edmonton Police Service) using this technology for items in a house. T.V.'s, stereo's, DVD's, etc. I forget why, but it was not really catching on. Money maybe? Too new yet? Don't know exactly how effective it is. When thieves are selling things, who are they selling them to? I don't know how accurately things would be tracked. Interesting none-the-less though.

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    I put a thread on BCSB 2 years ago. We started using it at BC-Hydro in 2007.
    It's all over cables & equipments.Remember copper theft ?
    Won't prevent from getting your bike stolen, just ttrying to nail who sell/buy parts.

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    I think it's a great idea. Harley Davidson uses that technology for their theft protection. There's a couple companies coming out with it now. It works a lot better than the etching system.
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