reliable cheap learner bike for sale- 78' CB400
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Thread: reliable cheap learner bike for sale- 78' CB400

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    reliable cheap learner bike for sale- 78' CB400

    Well i decided to sell my CB400, need some money and want to get a dual sport for commuting and playing in the dirt.
    So, the little CB has to go.
    78' CB400T Hawk Type 1, kick start only, 5 spd standard.
    Recent work/parts :
    Oil change, spark plug change
    new steering head bearings
    new front wheel bearings
    14 tooth small sprocket instead of 16- makes it very zippy in the city and in tight twisties.(but useless for the highway) have stock 16 tooth.
    New battery
    new fork seals and dust boots
    adjusted valves
    ....good tires, chain,sprockets.
    Modifications from stock- cosmetic mods, plus low handlebars off yamaha seca(have stock), 14 tooth sprocket. added a bit of pre-load to fork springs to improve handling and use 15 weight fork oil. has crash bars.
    What's wrong with it:
    mufflers rusty at the very back and one is also dented, the bike has been dropped in the past a few times i assume but it looks and rides good( i had to replace the triple tree after the first last and only time I dumped it) the cam chain is noisy but its always been noisy and it seems to run in the family( pretty much all old hondas)
    I bought the bike for 850$ and sunk at least 400$ in this and that.
    SO it would be nice to get 1200$ back and i'd be happy

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    I'd take 1000$

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