Modding the rear end
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Thread: Modding the rear end

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    Modding the rear end

    well I bought my bike abit chopped up, anything that was OEM for holding the plate and turn signals was hacked off. Now I haven't received any infractions for it because of the way I've hung the plate off the back and the turn signals are visible and on either side side of the plate.

    where can I get the info required to make this abit more legal? I was going to fab up some tabs and get some new signals and move my plate further rearward. Is there an exact dimension? of distance from the ground and apart for the signals?

    I'd just get the stock setup put back on but I cant find it anywhere at the wreckers.
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    if you look at my post..#9 in "flush mounted..." below, you'll find all the info. Want more details, look at Section 3, 4 and division 7 of the Regs
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    what type of bike? i have various honda and kawasaki stock rear setups from various years and styles of bikes that might work for you

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    Question already answered. Closing thread.
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