ContourHD 1080p camera + mega pack - good deal?
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Thread: ContourHD 1080p camera + mega pack - good deal?

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    ContourHD 1080p camera + mega pack - good deal?

    in light of today's episode and the fact that the police are usually helpless to prosecute considering the legal system they have to work with I was thinking that this might be a big help for the officers collecting evidence.

    Of course this is gods country and we've got some serious nature to vid this summer as well.
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    Not really.

    You would replace that memory stick with a max capacity card, the battery/charger should be standard. You only get a stick on mount.

    Compare with the (5th gear $279) Gopro

    ContourHD / GoPro HD
    Water Resistant / Waterproof
    Tape mount / Tape and suction mount
    8gb card / 4gb card - toss both buy max capacity
    16gb max / 32gb max
    exposed in wind / sheltered from wind
    five bills to your door / three bills to your door.

    Or a SD camera for one bill.
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    Smoke, you've really got a bug up your ass today, don't you?
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