Want a new respect for your engine?
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Thread: Want a new respect for your engine?

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    My what?

    Want a new respect for your engine?

    After watching this video, if you don't have a new level of respect for your engine I'd be surprised.

    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

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    I thought I was gonna get Rickrolled!! I like how it went from being able to be seeing everything moving to looking like nothing was happening cept for the valve spring turning slowly and smoke coming out.
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    pretty crazy to see the oil pumps in action! thanks for vid.

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    all this gives me is a new appreciation for THIS engine.
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    I am just in the middle of building two engines from the 30's - Ya I know I'm an old guy. I spent this morning dialing in the cam timing on a 500cc single, and there are a lot of bits in there I have made or refurbished. I don't expect that I will ever run it past about 6000 - but that still make me cringe to think of all that gear running around at those speeds. (Bigger and heavier that the BM for sure) To see what modern engines do with unbelievable reliability just makes you realize how far engine technology has come. About the mid 60's you couldn't buy a car that would run for 100,000 miles without getting pretty tired and needing major work, by the mid 80's my wife bought a new Honda civic that we sold for $1000 about some 10 years later with over 380,000 kms on it, and it ran just fine. (Think about many bike race engines from the 50's and 60's that would blow up, compared to those of today).
    Good vid on the valve springs tho'

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    I wouldn't want to BE a valve spring tho - stressful job!

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    'I'm sure that you guys probably didn't already know that the S1000rr is the greatest bike ever. If only someone would make a glowing thread about it so that the rest of us would know. Anyway, since most of you do not even know why the S1000rr is the greatest bike ever made, I've put together a list of reasons that I've found on the internet and in unbiased magazine reviews.

    The S1000rr is so fast that it's the only bike who's lap times are expressed with a negative number.

    When you do a valve adjustment on a S1000rr, the valves automatically get adjusted on any other bikes in the vicinity.

    Actually, the valves on the s1000rr never go out of spec, the specs get rewritten based on its valve clearance.

    Normal dino oil automatically becomes synthetic when used in an S1000rr. It also becomes fat free and tastes great over a salad.

    She 1000 in the S1000rr name actually denotes the bike's trap speed in miles per hour during 1/4 mile runs...I mean 1/8 mile runs.

    The S1000rr is the only bike that backs it in with the front wheel.

    The S1000rr uses an RSV4 as a pitbike.

    You will never find a printout of a dyno sheet on an S1000rr because they haven't made a sheet of paper big enough for it.

    The S1000rr is the only bike that can indicate a left turn and a right turn at the same time and then follow through.

    If you put an S1000rr sticker on your Toyota, Toyota wont recall it because its already awesome.

    The S1000rr is so awesome it collected Jay Leno.

    The S1000rr can not only do a 12 o'clock wheelie, but it can do the noon and midnight versions.

    The S1000r has four modes...rain, awesome, awesomer, and chuck norris.

    The S1000rr is so rad it will turn your Areostich into jeans and a tshirt. And vice versa.

    The S1000rr is so awesome that the other manufacturers recalled all their literbikes to put S1000RR engines in them.

    When an S1000rr does a burnout, it actually spins the earth under its rear wheel and stops the earth's rotation with the front wheel all at the same time!'

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    Talking Crack Me Up

    Wha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

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    at goat...

    That's a neat vid, very cool to watch.
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    lol oh man thats full of awesomeness
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    Thumbs up

    Well done, Goatrider!!
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    That was funny Goatrider, thanks .
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    So how come the springs are rotating?
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    It's amazing that the valves don't just float in the open position.
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