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February 23, 2003 - Testing Continues Despite Poor Weather

A rain-soaked track greeted the Kawasaki Racing Team riders as they arrived at the Jerez circuit for the second day of testing. But despite the less than ideal conditions, Garry McCoy, Andrew Pitt and Alex Hofmann continued to work through their test programmes aboard Kawasaki´s ZX-RR MotoGP machine.
All three riders took advantage of the poor weather to work on wet and semi-dry machine set-up, as well as testing a wide range of Dunlop wet and intermediate tyres.

"We went out a couple of times this morning just to see how the bike would feel in the wet. It didn’t feel too bad, it was just a completely different sensation to the two-stroke 500 that I rode last year," said Garry McCoy, who set the fifth fastest lap of the day. "In the afternoon, the conditions were a little bit dodgy, with some dry parts and some wet parts. There was no real point in going out and throwing the bike down the road, so we took it easy and concentrated on testing some different tyres."

"I´d only ever ridden the bike for about ten laps in the rain before, during testing in Malaysia," said Andrew Pitt. "Today was my second time in the wet, and I’m pleased to say that the bike feels a lot more comfortable in comparison to the Sepang test. The fuel injection system has improved, the chassis, the seating position – the whole things feels a lot better."

"The track took a long time to dry out in the afternoon, so we tried a few intermediates while we had the chance," said test rider, Alex Hofmann. "We also tested some different settings on the fuel injection and the ignition before ending the test early to allow my mechanics to change some components on the bike, ready for the final day of testing tomorrow."