End of 2-for-1 sentencing.
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Thread: End of 2-for-1 sentencing.

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    End of 2-for-1 sentencing.

    Convicted criminals will no longer get two-for-one credit for time served. The federal Truth in Sentence Act came into effect on Monday. Under the new regulation, offenders will get only a one-for-one credit for time served except in exceptional circumstances. Judges can give credit at a maximum rate of 1.5-to-one only when circumstances justify it, and they will be required to explain what those circumstances are.
    Will it lead to overcrowding in prisons? Who cares !
    North Vancouver Conservative MP Andrew Saxton agreed the change should help restore public confidence in the justice system.
    "Well, I think the public was really discouraged when they would hear that criminals were basically let go almost the day after their trials sometimes because of the extra credit," said Saxton. "And people want and expect that criminals will serve the time they are sentenced to."
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    This is awesome news,

    Next is for convicts to serve their full sentence.

    That BS of getting 12 years and out in 4 has got to be fixed.

    Today is one giant step towards the right direction.

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