Petro-Can to pump 94 soon
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Thread: Petro-Can to pump 94 soon

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    Petro-Can to pump 94 soon

    but only if ya live in Ontario

    In fact, not only will Ultra 94 continue to be sold at all former Sunoco stations that are due to be rebranded as Petro-Canada stations, but this peppy petrol will also be sold at select existing Petro-Canada stations, says Michael Southern, a spokesman for Suncor Energy.
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    Oh that's a bummer. Not about the 94 only in Ontario, but about Sunoco going away. My first job in the auto industry was working as a gas jockey in a Sunoco station. My cars and bikes lived exclusively on Ultra94. They didn't need it, but I was too young to know that back then. I have many fond memories of that job, and Sunoco in general. Too bad.


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    Meh screw 94. I want e85 or 100+ octane!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivan300 View Post
    Meh screw 94. I want e85 or 100+ octane!
    Or pure ethanol
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