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    Made a video

    I'm learning adobe premiere cause i'm making a video

    So I made this just for fun,

    I just took some clips I had on my harddrive and threw em together in order to learn how to edit video, and the result was cool enough to show others.

    Coming this fall is a video Ive been filming for a couple years now,

    - Appetite 4 Destruction event, with seth enslow, bubba, colin morrison and the metal mulisha crew, DIP's Grim showing us how real fighters fight

    - Snow Jam footage including 1/4 pipe snowboarding and skiing, 1/2 pipe skateboarding and bmx, Concert footage of pennywise and dropkick murphies, also swollen members

    - Local mountain footage featuring T.O.S.

    - Fish, JB and the extreme riderz gang doing some stunts

    - Kelly Piloting a famous 9 second vette. Also some of his killer sportbike 100mph catwalks and stoppies.

    - Anthony's Killer loop that put him on crutches for a month

    - Interviews and incar footage + runs of Vancouver's most killer stangs, (Old and new) EXCLUSIVE (HAHA)

    - Drop dead hilarious rave footage, B-boy competitions etc

    - Carshow footage, burnout footage, Landmark mission raceway footage including missions fastest pass ever! pro-mod, Top alky, top comp, CPSA, Westwood club's pro bike racing circuit

    - Drunkenness, drugs, assholes, fights, riots, fireworks, etc.

    - Moser dressed in Drag !

    - soundtrack with music in it.

    Video will be about 45mins to 1 hour long, and will be released for download (free) aswell as on DVD and vhs (for a small fee to cover burning costs)

    Later this year (once I stop filming once summer is over) I'll be posting for anyone who wants to be in the video, and have some sort of talent, they can give me a copy of their footage and if it fits in I'll include it in there. Anything from riding to getting drunk and puking.

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    can burned dvds be played on a ps2? if so i'll take a copy man...

    im in the process of dl'n right now...

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    It no worky for me John....

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    its might take a bit....took 10mins for me on dsl

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    Thumbs up

    'Catwalk'???? Shit man, are you in my age group?? I haven't heard that term used for awhile to check out the vid...

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    ya no luck here either

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    I just made a new XtremeRiderz video, but have no server to host it on. It's going to be part of a video I'm making calls BC Riders, VROOM Crew will be in it too

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