Infraction for Tibarus: Insulted or flamed other Member(s)
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Thread: Infraction for Tibarus: Insulted or flamed other Member(s)

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    Infraction for Tibarus: Insulted or flamed other Member(s)

    Post: Screw ICBC
    User: Tibarus
    Infraction: Insulted or flamed other Member(s)
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    Flaming is not allowed. Interesting that in a post in which you are telling us how good you are at following the rules of the road, you show how bad you are at following the rules of BCSB.

    Surely the irony is not lost...

    Original Post:
    Quote Originally Posted by jerin222 View Post
    I bet you think you are awesome and follow the law to every letter and kiss cop ass.

    The OP got suspended for the accident and the N sign, he posted here to express his feelings towards the motorcycle community and ask advice on what is the best way to go around getting his license back. Everyone in his situation would want their license back. no one is going to say "fuck i guess i should just fall over and not even attempt to get my license back faster, cuz busing everywhere is the BEST"

    If you were in his spot (but I'm sure you would never be because you are just that great of a citizen) and posted on these forums to express yourself and asked for help. I bet u would'int want some asshole telling you "do us all a favor and take the bus, its people like you i hate!"

    So do yourself a favor stop acting like u WOULD pull down your pants and bend over for the law, like you want him to.

    I don't kiss ass you retard, I follow the rules of the road, something EVERYONE should be doing ANYWAYS. It's not OUR fault the OP is a whiny little bitch and doesn't know how to follow what could be the EASIEST rules to follow of wearing his "N". So why should we have to listen to him bitch and complain that he can't play with his toy? Oh for the record, I told him how to get his license back,


    Probably the quickest way to get anything back.

    Personally the longer it takes for him to get back on the road the better... In fact if he NEVER RIDES AGAIN that would probably be best.
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