Anyone have experience with cordless Electric mowers
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Thread: Anyone have experience with cordless Electric mowers

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    Anyone have experience with cordless Electric mowers

    Spring is around the corner and the 10 year old mower has bite the dust. Would like see if I can go green without the hassles of dragging an electrical cord around.

    anyone here have any experience with Cordless mowers? In particular, I was interested to see how strong they are and how long the charge is. I am concerned that electric mowers won't have the strength to chew through tall grass.

    Costco, currently has a cordless mover for $300 and a gas powered Honda for $500. Tried to read specs on the electric and there wasn't much information.

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    the only thing that works properly thats cordless that I've ever seen are remotes and phones. Even then they are prone to glitches and manufactures defects.

    A cordless mower will bring you headaches I'm guessing. You wanna go green? get a push mower... the one that has the spinning barrel blades. you'll get a workout and cut your lawn efficently. After you can continue your workout by raking the clippings.

    personally I'd just get the gas one. Try sears as the craftsman line is usually a safe bet. Dad's old mower is still goin 18yrs later and we've never had a hiccup. 1 sparkplug change 2 yrs ago when I took possession of it.
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    i would put money on it that its a hunk of junk. electric mowers can barely cut tall grass, a battery one will be worse. i doubt the "green" advantage is worth the headache you will have trying to use a cordless one.

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    I can't see a cordless electric mower being very good in this climate
    where you have damp grass to mow quite a bit.

    BUT, it's Costco. You can buy it, use it, and if you don't think you
    got good value, return it for a full refund. Give it a try... maybe it's

    I wouldn't worry about the enviornmental benefit, you are polluting
    a hell of a lot more by riding a motorcycle than you are by buzzing
    the lawn a few times a month, 9 months a year.
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    I'd get a good push mower. Quiet (can cut it whenever you want) and cuts the lawn well. My lawn is a little big, or that's what I'd get next.
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    My wife has a cordless electric mower and she digs it. It's small, so I wouldn't recommend it for a lawn larger than 60x60 but it holds a charge well enough for three uses.

    The nice thing about the size is that it stores well in a tight space, which in our garage is a single car garage with a car, two motorcycles, two bicycles and three storage cabinets. Don't ask me how I do it.

    And heck, if it's from Costco, you can always use it for 6 years and then return it if you don't like it.
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