Joe Rocket Ballistic 4.0 jacket. 6 years old, good shape. don't remember if they came in any other colour but its black. one season of riding and got rearended the second season while trying to get between lanes because I saw it coming, my flying energy was absorbed by the truck beside me that I bounced off and then hit the ground and didn't go anywhere. minor skuff on the rubber snap on the left arm.

size: medium.

removable elbow, shoulder and back pads/armour, lots of ventilation, has the zipper inside on the back to zip pants into, removable liner, lots of pockets, has a fairly hidden pocket up high along the main zipper with the pocket zipper up and down along it.

I am 5'10 180 pounds and would want a smaller size if I ever ride again(getting married, buying a house and having a kid got in the way of getting another bike) since all my abbrasions where from the jacket twisting on me. at the time I was wearing a t-shirt with the liner removed. originally bought it with liner in wearing a sweater(what was I thinking?)

asking $180, open to offers.