2006 Sprinter 3500 For Sale. Low 95,000KMs more details at



I am selling my Vancouver support vehicle now that the race is over. I had it completely serviced last year so that I wouldn’t have any issues and I repainted the entire van to make sure it looked good for the sponsors. Of course it was painted by the professionals at Craftsman Collision who is my major sponsor! I had it wrapped by Fine line Graphics in North Vancouver and now I have removed all of the decals and polished the van to sell.

I did a $3500 tune up last year that included changing all fluids and replacing 6 new tires. I only drove it on the highway out to my training areas including Squamish, Chilliwack, Hope and Las Vegas once. I have driven about 8,000KMs since last year. I just had the oil changed again during a winter service so it needs nothing.

The van is Awesome. I really like it and would love to keep it but i just don’t use it enough. Here are the vehicle details:

* Cargo Van, it does not have any windows in the rear.
* has divider bulkhead behind front seats that has a window to the rear
* Dually rear axle
* 2.7L Diesel, Gets almost 800Km to a tank in the city and is about $100 to fill
* Air Conditioning, heated front seat, power windows, mirrors,
* Traction Control
* Towing Package
* Dual sunroofs in the rear

Call me 604-802-4211 to set up a time to view it or Email me at rhatswell@craftsmancollision.com