Closing Ceremonies - your impressions/opinions ...
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Thread: Closing Ceremonies - your impressions/opinions ...

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    Closing Ceremonies - your impressions/opinions ...

    C'mon - let's hear it - post up ...

    I have my opinions and sentiments, but would like to know how everybody else felt about the whole presentation/show ...

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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation.
    Let's just say I probably won't argue with you this time K-rod.

    Clown/cauldron was absolutely brilliant. The tongue in cheek cheesiness and the terrible Canadian music talent... not so much. Far cry from KD Lang.

    I wish they'd have left it at the 14 gold medals and called it a day.

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    I enjoyed it. What a great way to poke some fun at yourself...especially the lifting of the 4th arm! The stereo type made in Canada was great! The rock bands at the end I could have done with out but hey, it was a success.
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    Agreed, clown part was just great, music, so so, Buble did a great job IMO.

    Should have had Mike Myers instead of William Shatner, but overall, fairly well done.
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    Hedley and that Quebec band were not necessary but did you see the Asian athletes go crazy for Avril?

    I liked the tongue in cheek humour, and yes, Mike Meyers would have done a nice job too.

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    Buble's lip synch was sooooo obvious.

    Nickelback was live for sure.

    All in all, I'm pleased with the ceremonies.
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    Liked Neil Young, Alanis, Buble.
    Didn't care much for Nickelback or Avril Levigne..

    Kudos to Michael J. Fox for his courage.
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    Was at the closing ceremonies, and it was a total blast. The crowd just erupted with cheer and noise when Michael J. Fox came up out of the floor!

    Quite a few favourite moments, the fixing of the cauldron, the whole place belting out O' Canada with the youth choir, the Hockey Night in Canada theme song, and getting to wear moose antlers on my head with a strobe light!
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    Overall I thought it was pretty lame. The Clown opening the Cauldron at the start was perfect and a great save, but thats were the "We`re Canadian and can make fun of ourselves" schtick should have ended. The handing over of the Olympic flag part was pretty cool. Neil Young is always good to see, but once William Shatner stuck his face out his hole it all went downhill.
    And where the hell was The Tragically Hip?, thats who should have closed the show. Hedley, Avril and Simple Plan?!?! I think they used the bands they did as another part of the act of poking fun at ourselves.
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    I missed the Hip too... or maybe we want to keep our best band to ourselves.
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    Shatner was ok, but dump Catherine O'Hara for Mike Meyers or Jim Carrey. The whole musical number was a big wtf, and then a showcase of mediocre Canadian talent compared to what we have to offer (cept for Alanis, because I <3 the 90's).
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    I'd have to agree with the comments above about a good start to make fun of the malfunction.

    We should have left the rock concert out. Mike Myers or Carey would have been brilliant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thundercat View Post
    I missed the Hip too... or maybe we want to keep our best band to ourselves.
    I think any band publicly know to endorse POT wasn't asked to perform. I hear the Prime Minister frowns upon Drug use.

    Hedely....Lip sync LAME
    Buble....Lip sync...

    Alanis.....Yummy Cougar

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    atlanis was look better then I ever thought she looked. However I would have to say that the Russian Model who came out to introduce Sochi for the next olympics was hotter!!!

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    I was also there, and loved seeing Doan finally get her chance to light the cauldron. Bit too much much spent on c-level entertainment, and not as good as the opening ceremonies, but overall, I enjoyed it.
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