I got CANCER.....
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Thread: I got CANCER.....

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    I got CANCER.....

    Just got told on Friday I have a cancer, Looking back I can now see about when things were a bit strange but as a guy I thought it might have been from a riding injury or it will just go away on its own.

    In an effort to save anyone from what I am about to go through I thought I would post up what happened so in the event you find something unusual you will have a bit of knowledge to at least get it checked out.

    I waited nearly a year!

    About a year ago I noticed a small pearl sized hard lump in my groin area on a muscle, thought nothing of it since I have had many injuries over the years racing and riding.

    About 6 months ago I noticed a testical getting different in size and firmness then it grew to the size of a walnut. I again thought it might be a bike riding related injury...no pain so why worry was what I thought.

    I mentioned it to a few other racing friends that may have nutted themselves and they said not to worry too much and it should go away, The last few weeks it has started to change and go back to "normal" But what I just found out was the cancer is now eating the healthy tissue and thats why the size is changing. If I didnt have the specialist appointment coming up I would have not worried anymore which would have been a very bad thing.

    So 5 months ago I tell my doc and he proceeds to send me to various doctors and tests, each time weeks pass before i can get in to see them. Ultrsound, MRI, ect. Then finaly a specialist on Fri, In a matter of seconds after reviweing the test results he tells me I have a tumour and it needs to come out ASAP! So now I get sent for more blood test to see if there are markers in my blood to check if it has spread....

    This is a disease that affects guys from 15 - 40 years of age and is kinda rare for older men ,40 plus. Since most of you are a bit older than 15 but in the 20-40 range it is something that will get at least 1-3 of you

    So if you do notice any strange stuff get it checked out. Do a self exam like girls do for breast cancer, check with yourself monthly. There should be nothing in around there that is hard. Well except for that other fun thing.

    I go in for an operation this week, then I think I find out about chemo or treatments.

    Lance Armstrong went through the same thing and got faster.....Hmmmm
    Maybe I come out of retirement and race again???
    Remembering Bill Mclean.
    Having had a colonoscopy......I have now seen where the sun don't shine......(Me)
    Cancer Sucks!!!

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    FOK! Sad to hear, fight it hard!
    Quote Originally Posted by G Hats View Post
    A sore ass is better than a shredded back!

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    Oooh....Stay strong, friend.
    "Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees."
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    I'm plugged into chemo right this minute at RCH.
    Don't worry it's easy.

    Send me a PM if you ever want to get in touch to gab.

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    Kick cancer right back in the nuts. Stay strong dude.
    This Is Going To Hurt A Little Bit

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    caress them nightly boys!
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    none :(
    Sorry to hear about the bad news. Stay strong.

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    After 5 surgeries last year, I am now "unofficially" cancer free. Time will tell, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm cured.
    Keep positive and when a friend offers help-take it. It makes both you and the friend feel better.
    All the very best.

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    Sorry to hear dude.
    My daily thoughts will go out to you in good vibes seding them your way

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    Like Deb said .. say positive!

    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago. Surgery to remove the prostate was 6 weeks after that, April 25/08. So far all is well, if you want to chat about anything feel free to PM me for contact info.
    I'm not addicted! and I'm not quitting!!
    Heeere's your sign...

    ...and "always" look on the bright side of life...

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    That's nuts!! Errrr too soon?

    Sorry to hear, best of luck!
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    George, best of luck, keep the chin up, don't let that shit win.
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    unless you're at the track ;)

    DO IT!

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    i check my junk every night!

    sorry to hear the news. hope you get through this and come out stronger and meaner!

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    man, that sucks balls. (no pun please). Sorry to hear.

    Now I know why my doc keeps on feeling my balls when I go in for a visit. And I thought he did it for kicks.

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    Hope you're feeling better soon!
    It is a good reminder as men tend to be very stoic and slow to see doctors.
    I'll ask my wife to check my balls later tonight as she's got them hidden somewhere
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