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    Yike Bike - Urban Freedom

    My Dad just sent me this, crazy lil thing, anyone seen them before?

    Good video on their site below:


    With just a small deposit of €100.00 from your credit card you can secure one of the first YikeBikes in the world. The total price of the YikeBike is expected to be €3,440(Euros), £2,995(UK Pounds), approximately $4,450(US Dollars).

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    Yike !!! this is cool

    Sure hope Vancouver and BC don't find a way to outlaw it as they did with the Segway.
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    Pretty neat little machine. Thanks for sharing.

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    Saw it on discovery a few days ago. Looks pretty cool and reminds me of this Hovering office chair design I saw on Digg a few months back (can't find link). Backpack + Yike = awesome for Work Commuters.

    On an episode of dragon's den where they talked about past deals I saw the boy that had designed the Uno (Segway like bike), Ben Gulak, had created a newer version which looked pretty cool. After 20km/h the second wheel moves out forward and it becomes a 'normal' bike. When it comes back down below 20km/h the wheel moves back alongside the first wheel and it becomes like a segway again. Cool stuff, I couldn't find any videos or pics.
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    I hope to see a Yike stunt video soon that thing looks like an endo machine!

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