Why is the BMW S1000R the greatest bike ever !
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Thread: Why is the BMW S1000R the greatest bike ever !

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    Talking Why is the BMW S1000R the greatest bike ever !

    Check out the thread at BARF. Just some funny stuff with these guys.


    Some of the sample notes below:

    The s1000rr is so fast that it's the only bike who's lap times are expressed with a negative number.

    When you do a valve adjustment on a s1000rr, the valves automatically get adjusted on any other bikes in the vicinity.

    Actually, the valves on the s1000rr never go out of spec, the specs get rewritten based on its valve clearance.

    Normal dino oil automatically becomes synthetic when used in an s1000rr. also its becomes fat free and tastes great over a salad.

    The 1000 in the s1000rr name actually denotes the bike's trap speed in miles per hour during 1/4 mile runs, i mean 1/8 mile runs.

    The s1000rr is the only bike that backs it in with the front wheel.

    The s1000rr doesnt pose at starbucks, starbucks poses next to it.

    The s1000rr uses an rsv4 as a pitbike.

    You will never find a printout of a dyno sheet on an s1000rr because they havent made a sheet of paper big enough for it.

    The s1000rr is the only bike that can indicate a left turn and a right turn at the same time and then follow through.

    If you put an s1000rr sticker on your toyota, toyota wont recall it because its already awesome.

    The s1000rr is so awesome it collected Jay Leno.

    The s1000rr can not only do a 12 o'clock wheelie, but it can do the noon and midnight versions.

    The BMW S1000r has four modes...rain, awesome, awesomer, and Chuck Norris

    The S1000rr is so rad it will turn your Areosticth into Jeans and t-shirt and vice versa.

    The S1000RR is so awesome that Aprilia recalled all RSV4s to put S1000RR engines in them


    * No offence to any BMW owner, just having a little fun here.

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    I think this was posted last week, couple good ones though
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