Could the mod that keeps deleting a certain FOR SALE post please contact me
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Thread: Could the mod that keeps deleting a certain FOR SALE post please contact me

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    Could the mod that keeps deleting a certain FOR SALE post please contact me

    As per the title.

    I'm sorry, but whoever is doing this is a petty, small person. I have my suspicions as to who it is, but don't want to assume.

    A.) There are no rules that an established member can't sell a friend's bike. At least not that I've ever noticed. I've posted many friend's bikes for sale here before.

    B.) A girlfriend of a banned member isn't automatically banned from setting up accounts are they? (you guys might want to check IP's before deleting an account assuming it's the banned member)

    C.) Preventing someone from being able to sell their bike because you have a personal grudge is pathetic. (oops, here I am assuming)

    THIS is the bike sale that's been deleted for reference (please delete the link if it's against the "rules" of this forum). LINK (not mine).

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    perhaps it's time to cast yer vote! <- when exactly was the deadline on this ? :P
    (too bad it's clear that no action will be taken, despite clear support for the idea)
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    Scott: Multiple mods have removed posts from different users, neither of which was yours.

    You know who banned the account, it's clearly visible. If you need to contact someone, contact them.


    Edit: If you have an issue with the moderation of this site that you don't feel the moderators are addressing, please contact Adam.

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