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    Question Speedcell battery

    Has anyone used one of these in their street bike or is it more for just race bikes? opinions? local dealers?

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    A couple local guys run them in their street bikes. They work awsome. Several guy on the Ducspot website run them in their street and transfer them into their race bikes with the available quick connects and they love them. Couple guys have had them a few years and still holding a great charge. Motowheels has 2 between 6 bikes and have had one of them for a few years with no problems.
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    There is a legal battle going on over Speedcell batteries at the moment. This thread is the second time I've heard of them. Better fire up Google.

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    Never had a problem with mine but the lower capacity of the battery makes my already-crappy 2 phase stator to overwork to keep the battery charged. Otherwise, exceptional battery for the 1.5 years I've used it.
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