Re-wiring for licence plate light - quick queries
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Thread: Re-wiring for licence plate light - quick queries

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    Re-wiring for licence plate light - quick queries

    Hey guys. Hope a newbie can seek your expertise.

    I bought a 2008 Ninja ZX 6R a few months ago - and the previous owner added a fender eliminator with licence plate light (see pics).

    But given it's position, the previous owner said he got pulled over a few times by cops saying the licence is not in a visible place. So I bought another licence bracket and plan to move the licence plate to directly under the tail light so I won't get hassled.

    So I need to have a licence plate light as well. I could just pipe all the wiring from its current position to the tail, but given it is an undertail exhaust, I didn't want to cause the wire to melt and also I checked the Kawi manual.

    Looks like I can just hook up a parallel circuit from the tail light wiring to the licence plate light (parallel circuit from the R and BK/Y wires to the taillight).

    So, my question is....for the tail light - what is the blue wire for? I noticed that the Kawi dealership that did the fender eliminator for the previous owner left a pretty long blue wire left over (it hanging out from the tail light in the pic). Is this meant for hooking up a licence plate light in series? It would much easier to hook up the licence plate via series with this long blue wire, than hacking apart the R and BK/Y wires.

    Any other easier ways of wiring a licence plate light (and while I am modestly technically minded, I am no mechanic)? Thanks guys!

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    Trick question? Three wires one is a tail light ,one is a brake light and one is a ground. Spend $20 and buy your self a multi meter.

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    how about routing the wire the way the manufacturer did it? there must be wiring for a plate light from before the fender was removed....use that?

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