Vancouver area auto parts store - for motorcycle parts?
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Thread: Vancouver area auto parts store - for motorcycle parts?

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    Vancouver area auto parts store - for motorcycle parts?

    Hi all.

    I am re-wiring my licence plate light (on my fender eliminator) and need to hook up a parallel circuit off the brake light. Instead of cutting, splicing and re-soldering, a friend of mine recommended using t-tap wire connectors to connect another circuit. They just snap into the wire.

    They have them at Princess Auto, but the closest store is in Langley or Coquitlam. I checked and Canadian Tire, Home Depot don't have them either.

    Can anyone recommend a Vancouver auto parts store that carries a good selection of such electrical parts and supplies?


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    Anyplace that install car stereo's would probably be able to give you one or two. You could try The Source maybe?
    Personally it's not worth the drive to go find those, you be done in about two minutes and more reliable by just cutting the wire and soldering it or reconnecting it with a butt connector.
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    Solder and shrink wrap only. You obtain hacker status using the above connectors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EMS View Post
    Solder and shrink wrap only. You obtain hacker status using the above connectors.
    +1000 I hate those crappy connectors. Every used bike I buy I have to go rip out all that junk and solder everything or it only leads to headaches.
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    Well, you don't want to use this crappy stuff on anything. I caught one of my guys at the shop using it one day and i gave him hell!

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    I tend towards the cut and inline splice tubular connectors myself. I trust the strip and crimp nature of them almost as much as I trust soldering. These insulation displacing no cut connectors may be OK for an under the dash interior splice but for our needs where the connector will live in a harsher environment I don't like them.

    If you've got the tubular splices just cut the wire, strip the ends, twist the extension onto one of the leads and splice it back together to form a Y.

    If you don't have any and you have some heatshrink then a soldered connection will do ya. It's slower than the crimp splices but it's much quicker than the drive to get some.
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