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    Helmet Radios

    Me and a buddy are looking at getting some in-the-helmet radios for the bikes this year for those longer rides where trying to motion "Check out the ass on that one" in failed arms-flailing and tank humping sign language just doesn't get the message across fast enough.

    We've both got a couple preferred features we're after and my google-fu is failing me.
    1. Push to talk, so we can do our usual "SHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT" through those spirited corners, without everyone knowing

    2. Option to plug in our own headphones, as we're looking at the custom fit, molded ones to work as ear plugs as well.

    3. MP3 player hookup? So we can have music on as well

    4. Possible to tie in extra radios if more of our friends pick them up. Not critical, but a nice extra to have.

    Bluetooth for cell phones is an added bonus, but not necessary. Got any favourites out there? What kind of options are we looking at? ANYTHING, throw it our way and we'll see if its what we are after or not
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    Push to talk sucks ass. Scala G4, Collette Racefon or Chatterbox Xr4Ti or whatever it's called are your 3 best options out there. All feature bluetooth link for various items(cellphone, MP3, GPS, Radar detector) and are able to have different speakers or headphones plugged in. You can talk with others with similar equipment but those using FRS based systems won't.
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    In my opinion push to talk is exactly what i'm looking for too. Afterall, i don't like to have music playing when i ride because it is a distraction that i can do without.

    So i end up singing and humming to myself on a faily regular occasion. because of this, i don't want my buddies to have to listen to me hum or sing the whole time, but i would like the option to speak to them to point out dangers, or discuss our route or something once in a while.

    i'm thinking about trying simple walkie talkies like people use while skiing? however i would like to know for sure that i can use a proper headset that is comfy under helmet. any other ideas for push to talk?

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    My friends and I all have the Cardo Scala Q2 multiset and we all love it. Radio is so so but they give you a cord for your MP3 player.

    Double the fun with two SCALA RIDER® Q2 headsets!

    The SCALA RIDER Q2 MultiSet offers top quality along with intercom communication between two pre-paired headsets for a distance of up to 500m / 1,640 ft.

    Our state-of-the-art technology allows bikers to receive GPS voice instructions, communicate with other bikers or with the passenger on the back seat, conduct calls on their mobile phones and even to connect to their MP3 players or listen to their embedded FM radio.
    SCALA RIDER Q2 MultiSet

    The headsets work with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone.
    Designed and Engineered for Heavy-Duty Performance

    * Bike-to-Bike intercom communications among up to three bikers within a range* of up to 500 m / 1,640 ft.
    * Rider-to-Passenger communications: Passenger can also conduct mobile phone calls or listen to the FM radio independently and cable-connect to an MP3 player.
    * Full Duplex: No longer the walkie-talkie syndrome where one party can only speak when the other is silent. The SCALA RIDER Q2 allows bikers and passengers to talk and listen simultaneously.


    Each unit works with up to four different Bluetooth devices:

    * To a Mobile Phone – receive incoming calls by voice command and initiate calls by one-button push and voice command
    * To a GPS unit – receive audio instructions via headset
    * To other SCALA RIDER Q2 Headsets – Communicate in parallel with up to two other SCALA RIDER Q2 headsets within a range of up to 500 m / 1,640 ft.*
    * Communicate with a SCALA RIDER solo or FM headset within range of 10 m / 33 ft.

    Additional Entertainment features:
    * Embedded FM Radio
    * Connection to an MP3 player (cable included)

    * Only in wide open terrain. In urban surroundings the effective range may vary

    Backward Compatible with SCALA RIDER® headsets
    Works like you are talking on a cell phone, not like a FRS radio where only one person can talk at a time.
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    for the microphone you might want to look into throat mikes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by made Man View Post
    for the microphone you might want to look into throat mikes.
    For push to talk you are pretty much limited to GMRS.

    Nothing wrong with them, they are what I use with some of my friends, and anybody with a radio can join your group channel with a lockout code. I like ptt, I strap it it to my clutch side clipon. My husband has a vox, I prefer PTT. AND they are cheap.

    But then you can't use with your MP3/Cel.
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    Tork makes a GMRS adapter PTT system for full face helmets that seems to be pretty OK. I put the speakers into my helmet and use them for listening to music once in a while when I've got a lot of boring stop and go to do.

    I bought a second one for almost_barbie and I to communicate with my FRS sets, but we haven't yet tried them out. I think I paid about $35 each for the whole kit at the bike show which includes helmet speakers, a mic, the PTT button and the cable that hooks it into the FRS/GMRS radio.

    The speakers aren't extra loud, so they're not all that useful for high-speed high-rpm use, but then again, not many rider-to-rider systems are (from what I understand) unless it's an earbud/in-ear type system.
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