Does a 04 kawi ZX10 front end swap right over to a 04 kawi 636?
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Thread: Does a 04 kawi ZX10 front end swap right over to a 04 kawi 636?

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    Does a 04 kawi ZX10 front end swap right over to a 04 kawi 636?

    Hey guys,

    I may have a 2004 kawi zx 10 complete front end that I would like to put on my 2004 kawi 636r.

    Will it just swap right over? if not what parts are interchangeable??

    Are both the top and lower triple 50mm could I get away with just the forks, rotors? What about the stem?

    Does an 03/04 front wheel work in the 04 zx10 forks, axle, spacers?

    Any info at all will help.


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    I have an '05 636 front end on my Z. An '03 636 front end is a direct fit into the triples as well.

    The ZX10 '04 tubes require milling the Z triple clamps - so I'm assuming they are slightly larger than the 636's.

    Front wheel is a direct swap between the forks.
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    Why bother. The only difference the ZX10 forks have DLC lowers on them. Unless your original front end is completely toast, I wouldn't bother. If it's just for the DLC You can take your forks to RMR and Rod can coat them for you.

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