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    Half price on grocery..

    I saw this at another forum, i dont know if there is much left. its worth a try, I ordered my second batch of junk today

    Quick Home Delivery, a Vancouver based online grocery company is going out of business.. last day is Friday. Everything is 50% off. You can get $125 groceries delivered for $62.50... $52.50 if you're a 'new' customer.

    (this link will get you $10 off your first order)

    Hurry.. last day to order is Thursday.. and things are selling out fast!

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    It's not like one of those furniture stores going out of business deals is it? You know the ones where they've been going out of business ever since they opened there doors

    I'll check it out can never have enough groceries

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    We tried this company a couple of months ago. Seemed to be recommended from friends of our's who live in E. Van.

    When they said they'd deliver the first evening we hung around and I think they phoned 10pm and said they could deliver by around 11pm. Usually we hit the sack at 9:30pm so we said to deliver next day.

    Next day came and the delivery person still didn't show up and no phone call.

    We called them the day after and they said their driver was physically assaulted and robbed the day before and that he was ok and would deliver the following day (like we care what happened to their driver ).

    Not sure if they even attempted delivery. My wife phoned them and told them to stuff off.

    A few days after that we get an email asking how we liked our first order. LOL.

    Sounds to me like they don't have their shit together at all.

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    I've been using their service for quite a while now. I haven't had any big problems. Some of their prices were a bit higher than your local grocery store, but the convenience of shopping online and getting deliveries within a specified 1.5 hour window of time was great!

    The only problems I had were the occasional missed items and some damaged items (smooshed fruit, burst flour bag). Customer service was quite good for me: they would re-deliver the damaged goods that night.

    I'm sorry to see them go out of business.

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