Installing Cultured Stone
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Thread: Installing Cultured Stone

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    Installing Cultured Stone

    Has anyone installed any of this stuff in their place? I'm looking to install some stone behind my fireplace and I'm unsure if i need to install the wire mesh on top of a painted/drywalled wall of if thats just for exterior installs.

    If anyone has any tips as to the best products to use, ie what kind of mortar and such to use that would be fantastic.

    Attached is a photo of the product I'd like to install. I've done tile before, however tile is much lighter than this stuff.

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    Shouldn't really apply over drywall, people do it but its better to have plywood as a backer.

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    You need to install the wire mesh it's called lath. You need to hang the lath so that when you run your hand down it should be jagged, kind of like when you pet a dog against the way it's fur grows, if you run your hand down it and it slides easily it's the wrong way. You need to fasten it to the studs every 4-6" don't be stingy. If you are putting it on drywall you need a moisture barrier behind it. Once it's up you need to apply a scratch coat of mortar, typically Type N Portland Cement Mortar, over the lath this sets up the lath to receive the stone. Apply the scratch coat thinly over the lath, let it set for 10 min or so then scratch the surface with a small V notched trowel. Once it's set you can start laying out your stone. Backbutter the stone well and press it firmly but not too hard as to squeeze all the mortar out. Clean the edges with your trowel before applying the next stone. If you get mortar on the surface don't use water to remove it, let it dry up and then remove it with a stiff brush after.
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