March 20 Cypress and Seymour
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Thread: March 20 Cypress and Seymour

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    Post March 20 Cypress and Seymour

    Hey guys,

    just thought I would update you guys on the local mountain roads.

    On saturday I had a chance to ride up both Cypress and Seymour.

    Cypress was good, I rode up around 2:00pm. Roads were in pretty good shape, dry and clear. Gravel and sand was at a minimum, potholes were few and far between, but traffic was pretty heavy (people still trying to ski I guess). It got a bit cold at the top and I slowed down as the roads seemed slightly damper up high and snow on the side of the road. All in all, road is healthy and safe for the most part, especially on a dry day.

    Seymour was later, around 4:30pm. Tar snakes are worse than ever, there were so many of them all over and they really make me nervous. Roads were dry and free of sand and gravel though, and there was only the odd pothole to watch out for. Cypress was better, but busier for traffic.

    until next time...

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    ya - unfortunately the Seymour road has gone to shit over these recent few years, and now defies any possibility of a truly sporting ride/pace ...

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    Bum deal on Seymour, I stopped riding it last year because of the tar snakes and overall crumminess of it. What a shame, 2 seasons ago I preferred it over Cypress hands down.... I'm looking forward to the overall upgrade of it all.... although it might be a heat score when that happens.... I might just take that risk.... why you ask? "'Cause I'm f%#%ing stupid, I don't give a @#$% about jail...that's my business (riding) that's what I do"

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    I took a huge group of about 20 up there last year, seymore, that is, ans that road was the shits. Most of us agreed we would not go up there again.

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    you all cry way to much about seymour its fine pick your lines and go if your dumb enough to ride in a tar snake well your a dumb ass

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    ^ you obviously haven't been up there lately.

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