Just like the title says, 2 sets of exhausts off of a 2007 Tuono for sale. I've gotten tired of the cored pipes being too loud, the stockers are too quiet and the Leo Vinces show up in 4 days.

The Cored sets are just that. They were on the bike when I bought it. Over 21000 km on them and no scratches, rust or dents, just the nice patina that metal accumulates. The dealer did a complete gut on them and they were closed back up with factory rivets. A class job and I have no complaints about the quality of the workmanship. I put a set of "Akrapovic" foil decals on them to piss off a buddy who had the real ones on his bike ...... those have been on for over 10000 km and still look new. A little "Goof-Off" will remove them but that's up to the purchaser.

One more thing. No catalytic convertor, nothing but air. Drop a pin-pong ball in one end and it rolls out the other. Get the picture? They have been described variously as "obscene", "too much" and "obnoxious" and this was by other riders. The neighbor run a straight piped Harley chopper and a straight piped old school Triumph chopper ....... he complains about my bike.

I purchased the un-cored stock pipes in an attempt to make things quieter in the neighborhood. I only used them a few times because I felt the trade-offs were too great. They have had the catalytic convertor removed but nothing else. No damage, unknown kilometres on them.

Located in in Vancouver. Pics available, however they look like the stock pipes with no damage because that is what they are ...... just slag me if they aren't what I've promised.

Cored set $225.

Stock set $125.